exo : code

This being some code that I've hacked into a reasonable enough state to release, or is trivial enough but useful enough to me that I might as well stick it up on the off chance someone finds it useful. As well as the stuff on this website you should also have a look at the various things I've released to CPAN.

First thing is Foo2Mail. It's a perl module for simplifying the process of fetching content from somewhere and turning it into email. It needs a better name.

rss2mail is a perl script that turns RSS feeds into plain text emails. Yes, it's yet another RSS aggregator. Hurrah!

secretkeeper is a console password remembering thing. Someone's probably written a better one but I'm damned if I could find it at the time.

storytitle is the badly named blosxom plugin to let you use a stories title in the page title.

apache_referers is a script for generating a referers page.

There's also some odd bit and pieces in misc.

All the code is open source so you should feel free to hack it to your hearts content although as ever patches, bug reports and general feedback are more than welcome.

all the usual copyright stuff... [ copyright struan donald 2002 - present ], plus license