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I used to use my own software to stick my photos on the web. These days I just use flickr or instagram. When I started to use flickr I turned off my own software and dumped out the contents as static HTML. That's what you see here. Becuase it's a static dump of dynamic content there's a few places where it doesn't quite work as it should.

enterprise parks - Aug 24 2004 23:46

Like many bits of post industrial Scotland Rosyth is blessed with an enterprise park. Like most of these it's neither a brownfield site nor all spangly and new hence some bits are the remains of the previous occupants, in this case the navy; some bits are the new occupants; some are a curious in between. I've rather a soft spot for this sort of thing and find it always makes me think of alphaville and Fahrenheit 451.

canal holiday - Dec 11 2003 18:27

Last summer (being 2002) a group of us hired two canal boats and pottered up and down the Kennet and Avon canal near Bath. Splendid fun was had by all and I took a whole load of photos.

Sadly from the photo perspective a lot of them turned out not to be very good as I spent very little time composing any of them. In some ways it was a useful experience as since then I've paid a lot more attention to what I'm pointing the camera at. I'm not sure if part of the reason was that a lot of them were mainly of people and I've traditionally not had much truck with photographing people. They move, they tend to mug at the camera and then complain about the resulting photo. I did get a few decent ones though which are what you see in the category. And I did get one of the few pictures of a person I've been happy with.

photo course - Dec 05 2003 18:20

The last time I was at my parents I finally got round to digging out the negatives and prints from the SCOTVEC course in photography I did at school. Quite a few of them are in a bad way due to less than careful storage but looking back some of them aren't too bad. To add to this nostalgia I've inherited the old Pentax ME that I took them on due to parental conversion to digital.

It's quite nice to use such a manual camera again. It's slightly automatic in that in only operates in aperture priority mode (or BULB of course) but everything else is manual. The result is that it's small, really quick to use and actually fun.


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