exo : photos : kennet and avon canal

canal holiday - Sep 27 2006 17:40

Last summer (being 2002) a group of us hired two canal boats and pottered up and down the Kennet and Avon canal near Bath. Splendid fun was had by all and I took a whole load of photos.

Sadly from the photo perspective a lot of them turned out not to be very good as I spent very little time composing any of them. In some ways it was a useful experience as since then I've paid a lot more attention to what I'm pointing the camera at. I'm not sure if part of the reason was that a lot of them were mainly of people and I've traditionally not had much truck with photographing people. They move, they tend to mug at the camera and then complain about the resulting photo. I did get a few decent ones though which are what you see in the category. And I did get one of the few pictures of a person I've been happy with.


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