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This being a collection of odd scripts I use that might be useful to people. They're all offered as are with no guarantee of quality or documentation. Most of them assume a unix like environment and some knowledge thereof.

First we have blog_pub.sh, being a small shell script to ease the publishing of the weblog on this site. It assumes you're using blosxom to publish your weblog. It assumes you only have one level of entries as well.

Then there's apache_log_info which is a Perl script to ease the pain of simple analysis of Apache access logs. It lets you pull out the the values (e.g the referer) you want from a log file, optionally matching against a supplied value or regular expression. It can also print the whole line rather than the selected value. It won't do sophisticated analysis but it's handy for tasks like pulling all the 404 responses out of a log file. It does assume that the log file is in the combined format but what log file isn't these days?

Another script that might be slightly useful is pmail_recent which will run through a procmail log and summarise the mail delivered since you last ran pmail_recent. I used to use it on a machine where mutt wasn't correctly reporting the new mail due to nfs related issues and I couldn't install my own version of mutt. It works with procmail 3.22 but all bets are off for any other version. You should edit $pmail_log and $last_check_log to point to your procmail log and where you want pmail_recent to save the time of it's last run. Otherwise you only need Perl.

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