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rss2mail is for people who want an rss aggregator but think that plain text is just fine. Quite simply it delivers new information from RSS feeds direct to your inbox, one email per feed. Updated items are followed by a Unified diff so you know where they've changed. It's still kinda beta in places but I use it every day and it does me fine. If you do find feeds that it barfs on then let me know.

It probably doesn't work on windows.

On the other hand it does do the right thing with regard to permanent redirects and 304 Content Not Changed.


# add a feed
rss2mail2 -add test_feed -uri http://example.com/index.rss

# add a feed using RSS autodiscovery
rss2mail2 -add test_feed -uri http://example.com/ -auto

# edit feed details
rss2mail2 -edit test_feed -uri http://example.com/index.rdf

# edit a feed using RSS autodiscovery
rss2mail2 -edit test_feed -uri http://example.com/ -auto

# list all feeds
rss2mail2 -list
test_feed: http://example.com/index.rdf

# fetch feeds

# delete a feed
rss2mail2 -del test_feed

You should see the embeded POD in rss2mail2 for full documentation. perldoc rss2mail2 should get you that.


It's Perl and known to work on Perl 5.6.1. Due to the dependancies it probably won't work on earlier versions.

While the default storage uses SQLite it should be fairly easy to make it work with any other database supported by Class::DBI.

The following perl modules are required:

If you want better HTML to text conversion then HTML::Lint is required.




It uses XML::Feed so will only deal with the RSS versions handled by that. Check it's documentation for those. In practice it copes with pretty much any RSS mail that I've thrown at it, assuming it's a valid feed.

It's only really been thoroughly tested under Perl 5.8.x but as versions of Perl previous to that don't handle Unicode all that well you probably want to be using that anyway otherwise rss2mail2 falls back to pretty much stripping out any Unicode characters.

all the usual copyright stuff... [ copyright struan donald 2002 - present ], plus license