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secretkeeper is a simple script for keeping an encrypted note of login details. Or at least that's why I wrote it. It's pretty straight forward in that you give it a name for a secret and a secret and then it uses your gpg key to keep that in a encrypted file. It's not complex, it won't generate a key for you, it probably breaks if you try to be too clever and I've not added much documentation as yet. On the other hand it does just enough.

Also, I'm not a security guru by any stretch of the imagination so if you work for MI5 and want to keep your data really secure then this is probably not the tool for you. On the other hand if you just want something that makes stuffing things in and out of an encrypted file easy then it's probably fine.

It probably doesn't work on windows.


    # store a secret
    sk -a name -s "this is a secret"
    # the -s is optional and it'll ask you for it if you miss it

    # tell a secret
    sk -t name

    # delete a secret
    sk -d name


It's Perl and known to work on Perl 5.8.5.

The following perl modules are required:


sk and a sample config file which should go in ~/.secretkeeperrc.


It's pretty untested so as yet I'd not be trusting vital information to it.

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