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Not a lot to say about this one. It's a plugin for blosxom that allows you to include story titles in the header of the page. I wrote it as it helps with the google foo, it's good to provide that sort of information in page titles and no one else seemed to have. It only works on explicitly referenced stories (i.e. with /path/to/story in the URI rather than /2002/03/12#story or whatever).

In case that's not clear the best way to demonstrate is an example. The default <title> in a blosxom page is

    $blog_title $path_info_da $path_info_mo $path_info_yr

This results in page titles something like

Blosxom 12 Aug 2003

even if it's a link to a story file. In those case I'd much rather have

Blosxom : Story title

as the <title>. storytitle lets you do that.

Currently at version 0.6 which now respects the users file extension preferences. See the internal docs for information on changes made in each version.

Download it (zip format)

It should be noted that it needs some enhancements to deal with doing archive pages and the like properly. As it works for me though this is unlikely to ever happen I'm afraid.

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