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Tue, 19 Dec 2023


Late November and early December are the worst time of year for cycling for me. The last hope of any decent weather has gone, the days are getting darker and there’s usually at least one cold floating about. It is hard to motivate oneself to ride. I know there’s zwift which is at least dry and warm but it’s just not very inspiring. Very much just getting the job done.

At a certain point though there will be a day where the weather is ok and I am feeling decent and I go out and think “this is not so bad” and then we’re off. It’s usually not a long ride but it’s usually a “this was meant to be gentle ride” that becomes not. I go out, I feel good and after half an hour I realised I’ve been going at a decent pace and it’s quite nice. I am almost always over dressed because it was meant to be gentle. I will get home with the pleasant slightly sore legs feeling of having had a decent ride and re-kindled enthusiasm.

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