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Mon, 04 Nov 2019

no fault text

In 1963, Gorey published “The West Wing,” which is mostly just drawings of rooms, one with torn wallpaper, another with a boulder on a table, another with a crack in the floor, another with what appears to be a dead man on the carpet. “The West Wing” is only drawings. It has no text. The volume was dedicated to Edmund Wilson, who had given Gorey’s drawings their first truly enthusiastic review (in The New Yorker) but had found fault with his texts.

I never cease to be delighted by petty dedications.

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Fri, 11 Oct 2019

fashion, it goes on and on

This wired article is all sorts of hilarious.

Algorithmically, it can infer that someone who likes chunky necklaces will probably like beaded necklaces too, the same way Netflix’s algorithm infers that you may want to watch another comedy with a strong female lead.

Moody says those kinds of problems don’t look so different from the work he did during his PhD. That map of latent style? “This is a Poincaré space. It’s what Einstein used to describe relativistic spaces,” says Moody.

Yup, those are totally the same thing.

Understanding latent style involves other physics principles too. Moody’s team uses something called eigenvector decomposition, a concept from quantum mechanics, to tease apart the overlapping “notes” in an individual’s style

No, no, not overcomplicating the business of choosing clothes at all.

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Tue, 09 Jul 2019

look at the line

When I was learning how to mountain bike, I was taught to look at the line. No matter how rocky or rooty or hairy or gnarly the trail was, you looked down it and found the path you wanted to follow, your line. And then—and this was key—you looked at the line. Not the obstacles, the line. …

There are an infinite number of dystopian futures that we can fixate on, like rocks in our path. And there’s the lazy nihilism epitomized by ‘LOL we’re fucked’, like taking our bikes and going home.

Or we can, together, learn to look at the line. Because there absolutely is a path through to a better future for everyone, one that’s sustainable and resilient and equitable. But we have to learn to see it, to stay focused on it, and to follow it down. That’s the work.

I am always in favour of cycling metaphors.

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Sun, 30 Jun 2019

a holiday in wikipedia pages

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Sat, 08 Jun 2019

check your disruption

What Uber has disrupted is the idea that competitive consumer and capital markets will maximize overall economic welfare by rewarding companies with superior efficiency.


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