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Fri, 11 Oct 2019

fashion, it goes on and on

This wired article is all sorts of hilarious.

Algorithmically, it can infer that someone who likes chunky necklaces will probably like beaded necklaces too, the same way Netflix’s algorithm infers that you may want to watch another comedy with a strong female lead.

Moody says those kinds of problems don’t look so different from the work he did during his PhD. That map of latent style? “This is a Poincaré space. It’s what Einstein used to describe relativistic spaces,” says Moody.

Yup, those are totally the same thing.

Understanding latent style involves other physics principles too. Moody’s team uses something called eigenvector decomposition, a concept from quantum mechanics, to tease apart the overlapping “notes” in an individual’s style

No, no, not overcomplicating the business of choosing clothes at all.

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