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Wed, 30 Apr 2003

Standards? Which one do you want.

All the pages on this website are marked up in XHTML and as such I like to try and do the right thing, like using ' instead of a plain '. I'm actually not sure why I did this as a plain ' is actually fine in XML but I did anyway. Chalk it up to Cargo Cult Markup and slap me on the wrist.

The problem is that ' isn't valid in HTML which means that any browser that doesn't understand XHTML tends to render ' as just that instead of '. I'd just assumed (another slap on the wrist) that it was valid HTML. To be honest I'd probably not have cared about it too much, heck I'd probably not have noticed, if not for the fact that Internet Explorer 6, which you'd imagine understands XHTML also renders ' as that. At first I thought it must just be an IE bug, and I still think it is a bug, but then I had a look with a few other browsers and they did the same thing.

So, one quick shell script later and this website is free of ' and only uses '. Sometimes the web sucks.

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