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Mon, 09 Jun 2003

bicycle cleaning

One of the nicest things about the bicycle is the ease of daily maintenance. Everything that you need to do to a bike to keep it in good running order can pretty much be accomplished in 1/2 an hour with only a cloth, a toothbrush and some oil. Some degreaser helps too. And then at the end of it you have a clean bicycle. And unless you cycle a lot or it's been wet you can probably get away with only doing it once a month.

Given how easy this is the number of people with badly maintained bikes amazes me. What amazes me most is that they must be missing out on one of the main joys of cycling: the silence. Once it's well oiled and clean a bicycle makes very little noise. Some slight noise from the chain, although there really should be pretty much none, and the noise of the tyres on the ground and that's it.

Footnote: Pedros website.

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