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Wed, 12 Feb 2003


While I was wandering through the photobloggies nominees I came across a post on how to get your blog noticed which claims one of the key things is getting linked. More bizzarely that "linking content is the foundation of the blogging phenomenon." Which is another example of blog people stating the obvious like it's a newly found and amazing truth. Of course linking content is the foundation of blogging. It's the foundation of the whole Web. You remember that H in HTML and XHTML? It stands for Hypertext, the foldoc entry for which tells us that Hypertext is "A term coined by Ted Nelson around 1965 for a collection of documents (or 'nodes') containing cross-references or 'links'."

For god's sake, it's called the World Wide Web. Web. As in Web of links.

Oh, and a blogroll? Please. Just because it's a list of links to blogs you can't call it your bookmarks?

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