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Fri, 11 Apr 2003

Coding in a Vacuum

While rambling in an email to rodcorp I had a realization that half the problem with the never ending write a photo gallery system project was that I was coding for myself. The reason for this is that it means I set no real deadline, no definite goals and no planning other than "it should display photos".

This was a mistake

The reason for this being a mistake is that without these things feature creep is more or less unlimited. Unplanned things like being able to attach journal entries to photos or categories suddenly get added in. You realize that the handy feature of listing the last 10 photos added is missing and doesn't really fit in anywhere obvious so refactoring to make it fit occurs. In short it turns into a never ending project.

Having realized this I can now try and do something about it. Principly I'm going to set some goals. The first is that regardless of the shonkyness I should move the existing photo system over to the new one by end of next week (or the 18th as it's called). I've already got a dev site with the new version so I figure that's possible. After that I'm going to try and write a plan of what to do next with some sort of timeline.

Then I'm going to make a big Gantt chart...

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