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Thu, 21 Aug 2003

graph your friends

People seem to like friendster. However at least a few people have been disappointed not to be provided with a little graph of their 'personal network'. At least one person's written some code to do this. Sadly it's a windows application and that's considered a bit of a faux pas round these parts.

Fortunately we can fix that.

Presenting the very alpha fr_graph. It's full of holes but it does provide a pretty basic graph of your friendster network. You run it so:

fr_graph.pl -email foo@example.com -pass secret > graph
neato -Tgif -o graph.gif graph

It's got no real docs and the odd unfinished feature but my interest in the problem was only enough to get this far.

Oh, and as it sleeps between website requests like any good robot should it takes a very long time to collect if you have more than a few friends.

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