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Wed, 05 Mar 2003

New Connections

Among my favourite public spaces are several of the stations on the Jubilee line extension of the London Underground. Most of them have an airy open feel which is an odd thing given that they are underground. And bits of them are just stunning.

Other things I like are architectural models. The reasons for this are either obvious to you or they're not.

Places I don't expect to find a combination of these two things are Sydney's former Customs House and yet there they were in an exhibition about the Jubilee line extension.

One of the things that interested me about the exhibition was the difference in how the stations where portrayed in the photos and in the video. The photos were of brightly lit, almost antiseptic places, while the video had the slightly grimy look that is usually seen in the "driving round late at night with a hand held video camera" school of music video. Many of the photos made the stations looks like brighter places than they are. The video the opposite. Is this a stylistic difference or to do with the nature of the different mediums? I don't know enough about video to speculate. Both brought something to the exhibition although I prefer the photos. They seem to better capture the spaces.

I've got a few pics of Jubilee line stuff in a Fotango public folder. The resolution and quality of the scans is down to Fotango. The lack of information about the pictures is down to me.

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