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Tue, 06 Apr 2004

And then they *actually* will open a base on the moon

As with everything google related the gmail announcement from google met with a lot of words being sprayed across the interweb. A lot of them were "ah, they will steal our emails and use them against us" but some of them were "oooh, a gig of free email space, how are they going to do that?" and then there were those that just got carried away.

Uh huh. Google's real target is Windows. Yup, they're going to take all that code that helps run a huge cluster of servers and turn it into a desktop OS. That makes a lot of sense. Take a solution to one problem and apply it to a totally different one.

I'm sure there are many applications of google's technology but I imagine almost all of them will involve processing large amounts of information that can be separated into nice discrete chunks. It is after all what it was built to do. That's what they do. Creating a desktop OS is so far away from that it's amazing anyone would see that as a next step.

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