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Sat, 07 Oct 2006

rss2mail2 v2.29

A release with actual features!

The features in question being that now if you do:

rss2mail2 --add http://example.com/feed.atom

it will fetch the feed, pull the feed name out and use that as the name of the feed. Which is nice. If you pass in the --auto option with this then it will do auto discovery on the URL first.

The other new feature is the --opml switch which will spew out the list of subscribed feeds in OPML format. You will of course need the relevant CPAN module, XML::OPML, for this to work, however if you don't have it then it'll fail gracefully.

There's also a couple of new options in the configuration file: max_not_found and no_diffs. The first of these allows you to set how many failures occur before a feed is unsubscribed from. The second turns off the diffs on updated feed entries.

The final new thing is that the add, update and delete confirmation messages now provide you with the feed name.

And of course there's a couple of bug fixes.

It's available for download in the usual place.

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