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Sat, 27 Aug 2005

some more releases

There are new versions of HTML::FormatText::WithLinks and rss2mail2 available.

The former might not have hit CPAN just yet but should be there shortly. Aside from adding in more tests it now ignores anchors without an href attribute. It's been sitting on my hard disc for a good few months now but I obviously got distracted by something before I got round to releasing it. Thanks to Alexey Tourbin for pointing out the empty href issue which kicked me into action.

The new rss2mail2 version ( 2.26 for those keeping up ) fixes a bug in a hack to get round the Joel on Software RSS feed not having a correctly formatted pubDate. Again thanks to Alexey Tourbin for the fix. One of these days I should look at getting round this in a less hacky way...

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