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Thu, 01 May 2003

Tasmania photos

After a pointlessly long delay while I worked up the enthusiasm to get the film developed and scanned some photos of Tasmania are making their way onto the site. More will follow.

As a side note my small sample of four photo developing places in Sydney have only reaffirmed my conclusion that good film processing is not cheap. In the end I went to a cheaper place simply as I had 9 rolls to get developed and scanned and I can apply the GIMP to get them up to a decent enough standard. Plus I can always rescan them when I get back to the UK. Anyway, some of the images might be a bit suspect due to my not so elite photo manipulation skills.

Most galling was the place that made the most fuss about how great their scanner was then scanned the film I handed them at 75dpi rendering the scans useless for anything but the web. You'd have thought that 300dpi was the minimum these days.

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